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Saturday November 11

History weekend

Forgotten Voice: Max Arthur
The Grand Price: £6 Concession: £5

Acclaimed historian Max Arthur specialises in first-hand recollections of historical events. On this anniversary of Armistice Day, he will talk about his Forgotten Voices series - of the Great War, the Second World War, and the Edwardian Era, as well as his monument to the last survivors of the First World War, Last Post.

Oral history workshop: Max Arthur
Metropole Galleries Price: £0

Free but ticketed - Limited places

Share and record your stories in conversation with other participants, to begin to build up an archive of local history recordings. Led by Max Arthur. Including bring and share lunch at 12 noon.

Film Screenings: Road Race & We’’re Still Here
The Grand Price: £6 Concession: £5

(price includes the two films below)

Road Race
The work of filmmaker Clio Barnard deals with the relationship between documentary and fiction, in particular the subjectivity of recollection. Road Race is a fascinating exploration of the secretive Gypsy tradition of racing horses on motorways. Clio Barnard in conversation with BBC Radio Kent’s Simon Evans and Q&A; follows. UK. 2004.

We’re Still Here
The reverberations of May 1968 reached Folkestone the following summer as young people took to the streets to protest against establishment attitudes and policing. Twenty years later the BBC Community Programme Unit made a film highlighting the retribution suffered by the young demonstrators, who speak reflectively and frankly of how their lives were affected and of the importance of their dissenting views. Q&A; follows with the film’s director Dennis Cullum.
UK. 1990. 27 mins

Twelve Days - The Story of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution: Victor Sebestyen & Vitali Vitaliev
The Grand Price: £6 Concession: £5

Victor Sebestyen with Vitali Vitaliev On the fiftieth anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution, Victor Sebestyen, a journalist whose family fled from Hungary, gives a fresh account of that uprising, incorporating newly released official Hungarian and Soviet documents, his family’s diaries, and eyewitness testimony.

Vitali Vitaliev is a Ukrainian-born journalist and short-story writer. He is a regular contributor to many British newspapers and has been a guest on Have I Got News for You for the BBC.

Suez Fifty Years On: Keith Kyle, Ian Black and John Newsinger
The Grand Price: £6 Concession: £5

An invasion mired in controversy that marked a turning point both in Britain’s imperial past and in its relationship with America and the Middle-East.

Keith Kyle is the renowned author of Suez: Britain’s End of Empire in the Middle East. Ian Black is a journalist, Guardian Columnist and author focusing on international political issues. John Newsinger is the author of The Blood Never Dried: A People’s History of the British Empire.

History Today: Frank Furedi and Willie Thompson
The Grand Price: £4 Concession: £3

Frank Furedi and Willie Thompson Is our sense of living in history and of progress being lost in a time of crisis? Do Left and Right have any meaning in such a political climate? Professors Furedi and Thompson debate resistance and reaction, and the value of human agency in making history today.

Nobody’s Child: Kate Adie talks to Ian Black
The Grand Price: £8 Concession: £7

One of the country’s most highly regarded foreign correspondents, herself an adopted child, examines the experience of abandonment in her latest book, Nobody’s Child.

Freedom Next Time: John Pilger
The Grand Price: £8 Concession: £7

The celebrated campaigning journalist is best known for his hard-hitting investigative documentaries, particularly those on Cambodia, East Timor and Palestine. In all of his work, Pilger has been a prominent critic of Western foreign policy and of much standard media coverage. In this Q & A session he talks about unspoken truths and public lies, about normalising the unthinkable, and the enduring struggle for freedom by people around the world.

A free screening of John Pilger’s film ’Palestine is Still the Issue’, will take place on Sunday 12 November at 5pm.

Freedom Songs: Jack Pound & the Rattlers
The Grand Price: £4 Concession: £3

Songs of peace and protest, past and present, performed by Jack Pound & the Rattlers.

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