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Thursday November 16

A Blow to the Heart: Marcel Theroux
The Grand Price: £6 Concession: £5

The violent death of Daisy’s husband leaves her a widow at 32. As she struggles to build a new life, a chance encounter with her husband’s killer becomes the starting point of a journey into obsessive hatred, as Daisy stalks the man in secret into his twilight world of professional boxing. A meditation on revenge, redemption and the meaning of loss, A Blow to the Heart is the latest novel from the author of A Stranger in Paradise and The Paperchase, which won the Somerset Maugham award.

How Novels Work: John Mullan
The Grand Price: £6 Concession: £5

Free to school and university students

Never has contemporary fiction been more widely discussed and passionately analysed. Drawing on his weekly Guardian column, ’’Elements of Fiction’’, John Mullan examines recent novels, many of which have become firm favourites with reading groups. He reveals the rich resources of novelistic technique, setting recent fiction alongside classics of the past. Nick Hornby’’s adoption of a female narrator is compared to Daniel Defoe’’s; Carole Shield’’s chapter divisions are likened to Fanny Burney’’s. How Novels Work makes visible techniques and effects we are often only half-aware of as we read and shows that literary criticism is something that all fiction enthusiasts can do.

Churchill’s Triumph: Michael Dobbs
The Grand Price: £6 Concession: £5

At the close of World War II in 1945, the most powerful men in the world – Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin – gather to survey the ruins of Europe at the famous Yalta Conference. They must try and create a future where the atrocities of the last few years could never happen again. But as the negotiations begin, Churchill’s difficult relationship with the leaders of the Allied Powers becomes a power struggle that will have dramatic global consequences.

Churchill’s Triumph is the latest in a series of novels with Churchill as protagonist from the former advisor to Margaret Thatcher and John Major, Chief of Staff and Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party and author of the bestselling House of Cards.

Memoirs of a Wife at Westminster: Edna Healey
The Grand Price: £8 Concession: £7

Edna Healey has been married to Denis Healey for more than fifty years and has seen much of parliamentary life, both in power and from the opposition. She has forged her own career as a respected writer, filmmaker and lecturer while her husband rose steadily to become Secretary of State for Defence and Chancellor of the Exchequer. Edna travelled the globe with him, meeting many of the world’s leaders, from Chou En Lai to President Clinton. She writes with great insight and candour about her life as a parliamentary wife and also describes the lasting influence of her childhood on her adult life.

The Folkestone Art Society Lecture: Picasso’s ‘Guernica’: Anthony Slinn
The Grand Price: £5 Concession: £5

Tickets are free to members of Folkestone Art Society and only £5 to non-members.

Celebrated art lecturer Anthony Slinn gives an illustrated presentation which explores the fascinating history of this period of Picasso’’s art. A commission from the Spanish Republican Government, and painted in response to the Nazi German bombing of Guernica, Spain on April 26, 1937 during the Spanish Civil War, Picasso’s ‘Guernica’ remains a powerful reminder of the destructive impact of all war.

Off the Page:
The Leas Club Price: £4 Concession: £3

An evening showcasing some of the most exciting talent from the spoken word and performance poetry scene, featuring:

Aoife Mannix – 2001 Farrago London Slam Champion and widely toured Irish poet.

Atukwei Okai – Author of Oath of the Frontonfrom and Logorligi Logarithms and fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts, Ghanaian poet Atukwei Okai’s poems have been published in numerous anthologies and international journals such as The New African Okyeame and The New American Review and have been translated into several languages. His performances worldwide include an acclaimed 1975 appearance at Poetry International at Queen Elizabeth Hall and his poem, Oblongo Concerto, was featured in a special meridian-line display at the Millennium Dome exhibition in Greenwich.

Niall O’Sullivan is host of ‘Poetry Unplugged’ at the Poetry Café, Covent Garden. A product of one of the waves of Irish migration to London, he has carried his history through the streets and estates of the city and now infuses it passionately in his poetry.

Nii Ayikwei Parkes is the author of three poetry chapbooks; eyes of a boy, lips of a man (1999) and M is for Madrigal (2004) and the self-published shorter (2005), which is a vehicle to raise money for a writers’’ fund in Ghana. Former Poet-In-Residence at the Poetry Café in Covent Garden, Nii has performed poetry on major international stages such as the NuYorican in New York, The Royal Festival Hall in London, Java in Paris and Paradiso in Amsterdam. He was a 2005 associate Writer-In-Residence on BBC Radio 3 and was the featured face for poetry in the 2004 Time Out London Guide.

Jacob Sam-La Rose is a writer, poet, playwright and educator of Guyanese parentage. A former Poet-In-Residence at BBC London, he is a touring writer with the British Council, with appearances at international venues including Kiasma – the museum of Contemporary Art (Finland), Mylos Theatre (Greece) and the Centre of Contemporary Art in Glasgow.

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