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Friday November 17

Screen South and Folkestone Enterprise Gateway presents: Getting Support For Your Projects
Metropole Galleries Price: £0

Public New Writing Event
This is a Free event: 10am-3.30pm

If you are a writer or are trying to get your screen projects and business off the ground, or you need to develop other skills and opportunities in the screen industry, then this day is for you. It can be difficult to know where to turn for support, advice, guidance or finance. Screen South and the Folkestone Enterprise Gateway will explain how you can benefit from their support. Presentations and Q & As will be followed with an opportunity to have a one to one with an Industry professional and discuss your particular script or new project.

Victorian Mysteries: Andrew Pepper and DJ Taylor
The Grand Price: £6 Concession: £5

London, 1829: three people have been brutally murdered and the city simmers with anger and political unrest. Pyke, sometime Bow Street Runner, sometime crook, and the hero of The Last Days of Newgate by Andrew Pepper, finds himself accidentally embroiled in the murder investigation and quickly realises that he has stumbled into something more sinister and far-reaching.

August 1863: Henry Ireland, a failed landowner, dies unexpectedly, leaving a highly-strung young widow. Captain McTurk of Scotland Yard patiently investigates the circumstances of Ireland’s death and, with a host of other characters, is drawn into a net of intrigue with wide and sinister implications. Kept by D. J. Taylor is an intricate investigation of the secrets of the heart and a dazzling re-invention of Victorian life and passions.

The Taking Part: Amateurism, Sport and Society: D. J. Taylor and Michael Hutchinson
The Grand Price: £6 Concession: £5

‘Amateur’ used to be a compliment to someone who played a game simply for love of it. A hundred years later it has become a byword for cack-handed incompetence. With personal health increasingly on the political agenda, are there things that the amateur spirit can bring to sport and life that ought to be nurtured?

‘D. J. Taylor is the author of the polemic On The Corinthian Spirit: The Decline of Amateurism in Sport, which looks at patterns of sporting and cultural life over the last hundred years.

One day a friend lent disillusioned academic Michael Hutchinson a bike to cycle through London. Since then he has won more than 20 national titles, and the gold medal in the Masters’ Pursuit World Championships. The Hour is his funny and frank memoir of how he became a professional athlete by accident and embarked on a quest for sporting immortality: to break The Hour record.

Screen South: Spin Off
Metropole Galleries Price: £5 Concession: £2.5

Public New Writing Event

The afternoon will end with an Open Pitching session From Low Budget Features to Hollywood Blockbusters or Corporate videos to commercials, web Stingers to the latest X Box Game; everyone needs a writer. As a writer how do you find a way in? How do you find directors and producers or agents and how do you find a way to work together creatively and commercially. Professionals from all areas of the industry will give an insight in the routes they took and highlight future opportunities. Panellists will include Jan Dunn and Elaine Wikham who’s Award Winning low budget Feature Gypo launched Ramsgate Based Medb Films. There will be a special prize for the best pitch. Pitches can be for Shorts, Features or Games. For more details please visit the Screen South Website

Mismatch: Why Our Bodies No Longer Fit Our World: Mark Hanson
The Grand Price: £6 Concession: £5

We live modern lifestyles – largely city-bound, with abundant nutrition and complex societies and cultures – far removed from the hunter-gatherer life of our ancestors. However we have not evolved to reflect this change. Could it be that this mismatch has led to the current deadly explosion in ‘lifestyle’ diseases such as diabetes and obesity? As we appear unable to evolve out of this problem, and are unwilling to return to a different way of life, how can we address this increasingly crucial challenge?

Roman Empire: Possession and Loss: David Mattingly and Bryan Ward-Perkins
The Grand Price: £6 Concession: £5

Roman Britain - a golden age for British civilisation or a lowly status as an imperial possession that depended on exploitation. In An Imperial Possession: Britain in the Roman Empire, 54 BC – AD 409, David Mattingly asks how can we understand the impact of more recent empire and occupation when our interpretation of Britain’s formative experience under the Romans is so flawed?

In The Fall of Rome Bryan Ward-Perkins describes the very real horrors of barbarian occupation in the last days of the Roman world. He looks at both the wider explanations for the disintegration of the empire and the consequences for the lives of the Roman people. He also explains how and why successive generations have understood this period differently, and why the story is still so significant today.

Mr Darcy in the Bath and Other Temptations of Adaptation: Andrew Davies
The Grand Price: £8 Concession: £7

The master-adaptor of Pride and Prejudice, Middlemarch, Vanity Fair, Wives and Daughters, Tipping the Velvet, Bleak House and The Line of Beauty talks about turning literary classics into classic television dramas, and about how he chooses just how much ripping of bodices, heaving bosoms, bopping in breeches and cavorting in carriages to delight audiences with.

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