Saturday November 3

History weekend

Street Theatre:
Outside Waterstone’s and the Leas Club

10-12pm, Free Event

Watch out for the crazy antics of the University Centre Folkestone’s Street Theatre team.

Readings by local authors:
Leas Club

10-12pm, Free Event

An opportunity to hear readings by a selection of local authors.

Book Fair:
Leas Club

10-4pm, Free Event

Meet the Society of Authors and distributors. Seize the opportunity to share ideas and make great contacts.

Robert Lacey: Great Tales from English History. POSTPONED
Folkestone Academy


Well known for Majesty, his pioneering biography of Queen Elizabeth II and Royal published in 2002, Robert Lacey returns to his first love - history - with the publication of Great Tales from English History, the second volume of his history of England. This is accessible history at its finest, well told and packed with insight, wit and brilliant detail.

David Loades: The Cecils
Folkestone Academy

For over 50 years, one family dominated England’s high offices of state. In this popular biography of the Cecils, leading Tudor historian David Loades describes the personal and political lives of two of England’s greatest men - father and son, William and Robert Cecil.

The Books of Dream and Loss:
Leas Lift

Free to Lift ticket holders
Performance: 12-4pm

Come and be part of this enchanting installation. Meet the mysterious Keeper and record your entry in Folkestone’s unique Books of Dream and Loss.

Will Eaves: Small Hours
Leas Club


Will Eaves is Arts Editor of the Times Literary Supplement. Author of two previous novels, Will Eaves will read from Small Hours, a collection of his published poetry.

Street Theatre:
Outside Waterstone’s and the Leas Club

Free Event: 1-3pm

Watch out for the crazy antics of the University Centre Folkestone’s Street Theatre team.

Jerry White: London in the Nineteenth Century
Folkestone Academy

Jerry White’s dazzling new book explores the history of London’s greatest century so far, revealing the destruction of old London and the city’s unprecedented expansion. This is an epic biography of the London of Blake, Thackeray and Mayhew, but most of all, the London of Dickens.Jerry White is Visiting Professor in London Studies at Birkbeck College, London.

Frankie Janes: Marvellous Monologues
Leas Club


Known for her slot on the Pat Marsh show on BBC Radio Kent, join Frankie Janes for witty, light hearted and pertinent monologues.

Irene Woodham:
Tea rooms - Leas Club


Come and have a cup of tea with 82 year old Irene Woodham who has been living in Folkestone most of her life and can tell you all about the town in days gone by.

Virginia Ironside: No! I Don’t Want to Join a Bookclub
Leas Club

Marie is thinking of giving up sex and whether there are compensations, like falling in love with her baby grandson or maybe falling in love with someone else? This heart-warming and funny diary will have you laughing out loud. Journalist and agony aunt for the last 30 years for publications such as Woman magazine, the Sunday Mirror and the Independent, Virginia Ironside has also written more than 10 books.

Peter Clarke: The Last Thousand Days of the British Empire
Folkestone Academy

Published to coincide with the 60th anniversary of Indian Independence, Peter Clarke’s new book explores how and why Britain, despite being on the winning side in the Second World War, was forced to give up control over its Empire. A brilliantly detailed and argued narrative of the period 1944 to 1947 that unpicks political and military strands as never before. Peter Clarke is Professor of Modern History and a Fellow of St John’s College, Cambridge.

Tom Holland: Persian Fire: The First World Empire and the Battle of the West
Folkestone Academy

Many people have heard of the Battles of Marathon and of Thermopylae, where 300 Spartans held out for three days, and perhaps of the story of the Persian army crossing a bridge of boats at the Dardanelles. Using all the available sources, acclaimed author Tom Holland provides a detailed account of the Persian Empire founded by Cyrus the Great in the sixth century BC and its war with Greece.

Vitali Vitaliev: Life is a Literary Device
Leas Club

Vitali has lived in Russia, Australia, the United Kingdom and Ireland and did once say that his best times had been in Folkestone. He is the author of nine books, one on Ireland, and his latest one on European Identity which is about to be published. He has broadcast on both radio and television and as a journalist has written for Punch, The Guardian, The Spectator and The Daily Telegraph.

Piers Brendon: Rise and Fall of the British Empire
Folkestone Academy

No empire has been larger or more diverse than the British Empire. At its apogee in the 1930s, Britain governed 500 million foreign subjects, Britannia ruled the waves and a quarter of the earth’s surface was painted red on the map. Yet when the end came, few empires disappeared as swiftly. Piers Brendon presents the story of the decline and eclipse of British might. He is the author of several books, including biographies of Churchill and Eisenhower and the best-selling Eminent Edwardians.

Festival Reception:
Folkestone Academy

Join the authors for a relaxing drink and discuss the events of the day.

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