Sunday November 4

History weekend

Folkestone Artists’ Co-operative: Art Cover 2 Cover
Leas Club

Free Event

Exhibition + Talks: 10-4pm

Pop in to see this display of infamous book jacket covers and find out about the artists who designed them. The day will also include discussions by book jacket designers as well as a local schools competition.

Folkestone Triennial 2008: Ivan and Heather Morrison
Folkestone Academy

Free Event

A chance to meet Ivan and Heather Morrison who will take part in Folkestone Triennial, June - September 2008.

The Books of Dream and Loss:
Leas Lift

Free to Lift ticket holders
performance: 11-1pm

Come and be part of this enchanting installation. Meet the mysterious Keeper and record your entry in Folkestone’s unique Books of Dream and Loss.

Charles Nicholl: Shakespeare: The Lodger
Folkestone Academy

In 1612 Shakespeare gave evidence at the Court of Requests in Westminster. The case seems routine – a dispute over an unpaid marriage-dowry. But Charles Nicholl uses it to open up an unexpected window into the dramatist’s famously obscure life-story and throw light on the so-called Silver Street Plays which include King Lear, Othello and Measure for Measure. Charles Nicholl is the author of Reckoning, winner of the James Tait prize for biography.

Hands on Archaeology for Kids:
People’s History Centre

Free Event: 12-2pm

Dr Andrew Richardson and Lesley Hardy will be opening the doors of the Folkestone People’s History Centre to anyone interested in archaeology. This is an opportunity to look at real artefacts and to learn more about the archaeology of Folkestone and the job of an archaeologist.

This event is supported by the Folkestone People’s History Centre.

Peter Vujakovic: The Tidal Lands of Europe
Leas Club

Peter Vujakovic explores a range of historic and contemporary cartographic representations of Europe and European identities, and in particular, the way in which these representations involve the tension between concepts of Europe and the ‘other’- Barbarians, Ottomans and the recent so-called ‘tribal warfare’ on Europe’s Balkan borders. Peter Vujakovic is Professor of Geography at Canterbury Christ Church University.

John Humphrys: In God We Doubt: Confessions Of A Failed Atheist SOLD OUT
Folkestone Academy


Bestselling author, radio presenter and national treasure, John Humphrys, tackles the big question through his own personal journey and argues that doubt is the only credible belief to have. The book was inspired by the Radio 4 series Humphrys in Search of God, which provoked the biggest reaction by far to any programme Humphrys has done in more than 40 years of broadcasting.

Dr. Charles Insley: Misconceptions of East and West
Leas Club

A presentation on the understandings and misunderstandings between the East and West, in the time of the Crusades (c. 1000 - 1300 A.D.).Dr Charles Insley lectures in the department of History and American Studies at Canterbury Christ Church University.

The Books of Dream and Loss:
Leas Lift

Free to Lift ticket holders
performance: 2-4pm

Come and be part of this enchanting installation. Meet the mysterious Keeper and record your entry in Folkestone’s unique Books of Dream and Loss.

The Creative Foundation Ensemble: Walton’s Façade
St Mary’’s and St.Eanswythe’’s Church

St Mary’’s and St.Eanswythe’’s Church, Priory Gardens, Folkestone, CT20 1SW

Music by William Walton and Poems by Edith Sitwell

One of Walton’’s most popular works, Façade is a collection of twenty one skittish poems set for narrators and an ensemble of flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, percussion and cello. The Creative Foundation Ensemble will be directed by Grenville Hancox.

Julian Baggini: Welcome to Everytown
Folkestone Academy

The UK’s greatest populariser of philosophy, and Folkestone Literary Festival favourite, returns with his account of the six months he spent living on the outskirts of Rotherham in South Yorkshire. Chosen because it reflected the full range of the nation’s inhabitants, it was a place where Baggini hoped to discover the mind of the English people.

Andy Linklater and Dr Andrew Richardson: Buried Folkestone: Local Archaeology
Leas Club

Folkestone has a rich hidden archaeology dating back to the earliest times including rare Bronze Age, Roman and Anglo Saxon sites. This event is an opportunity to learn more about ‘Buried Folkestone’ and the various excavations that have taken place in the town including the most recent work on The Bayle.

Organised by Canterbury Archaeological Trust and Canterbury Christ Church University.

Charles Esdaile: Napoleon’s Wars: An International History 1803 - 1815
Folkestone Academy

Professor of Modern History at the University of Liverpool, Charles Esdaile will discuss his latest book about Napoleon’s wars published in October, including the months the Grande Armée was camped at Boulogne awaiting favourable conditions to invade the Kent coast.

David Starkey: Monarchy: England and Her Rulers from the Tudors to the Windsors
Folkestone Academy

Renowned historian David Starkey charts the rise of the British monarchy from the War of the Roses through the turmoil of the English Civil War and the Restoration to the Georgians, Victoria and the monarchs of the 21st Century.Monarchy encompasses some of the greatest and most notorious events in British history and offers a radical reappraisal of English nationhood, culture and politics.

This event is sponsored by Hallett & Co Solicitors

David Reynolds: Summits
Folkestone Academy

Written with verve and insight by prize-winning international historian David Reynolds, Summits focuses on six key negotiations which helped determine the course of the twentieth century and takes us into the minds of the statesmen caught up in a bizarre mixture of competition and camaraderie as they stand, for a moment, on top of the world.

Festival Reception:
Folkestone Academy

Join authors and the festival team for drinks and informal discussion.

The Smile:
Leas Club

Gypsy Jazz Concert

Orange Street Music Club presents The Smile. The new face of gypsy jazz, this young quartet are fast gaining a reputation for their fresh take on the sound made famous by Django Reinhardt and his Hot Club de France.

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