Thursday November 8

Taking Liberties:
Silver Screen Cinema

No advance booking - tickets on the door only
Silver Screen Cinema, 1 - 2 Guildhall Str, CT20 1DY

This explosive and controversial film sets out to demonstrate how, over the last ten years, Tony Blairís government has undermined the rights and civil liberties of the British People amidst a climate of fear created by the media and government itself.

Jackie Wills: Commandments - EVENT POSTPONED
Leas Club


In her fourth collection, Jackie Wills investigates religion, relationships and the mind, drawing on the surrealism of the everyday. Thereís salsa, jazz, humour and passion in Commandments as Wills shows people at their most ludicrous and poignant. One of the top 10 new women poets of the decade. (Mslexia Magazine)

Sandra Howard: Ursulaís Story
Folkestone Academy Price: £8 Concession: £7 buy tickets for this event

How do you deal with the end of a marriage when you are the partner who is left in the lurch and must deal with the break up of the relationship being played out endlessly in the tabloids? Wife of the former Conservative Party leader and an ex-model, Sandra Howard returns to the Folkestone Literary Festival to present her latest book, Ursulaís Story.

This event is sponsored by Smith-Woolley & Perry

Christian Lamb: I Only Joined For The Hat
Leas Club Price: £5 Concession: £4 buy tickets for this event

A wonderful evocative memoir offering a first hand account of what life was truly like for the World War II Wrens. Its pages reveal that Christian Lamb has lost nothing of her sense of humour over the years... let alone her extraordinary memory.

David Batchelor: Chromophobia
Folkestone Academy Price: £7 Concession: £6 buy tickets for this event

Artist, writer and Senior Tutor at the Royal College of Art, London, David Batchelor will talk about his book, an extended meditation on colour in western culture, addressing the theme of fear (phobia) of colour (chroma) and exploring the source of the prejudice against colour.

Xavier Leret and Tim Arthur: Tales From The Underground
Hotel Relish Price: £5 Concession: £4 buy tickets for this event

Hotel Relish, 4 Augusta Gardens, Folkestone CT20 2RR

From KAOS Theatre and Cardboard Citizenís Theatre cutting edge writers Xavier Leret and Tim Arthur present some deviant delights, a series of sordid, moving and hilarious tales found discarded in the street.

John Julius Norwich: The Middle Sea, A History of the Mediterranean
Folkestone Academy Price: £8 Concession: £7 buy tickets for this event

A marvellous writer who has already tackled Byzantium, the Normans in Sicily and Venice, John Julius Norwich spins his magic in this story of culture, trade and politics, royalty and rulers, wars and religion in the Mediterranean from antiquity to the end of the First World War.

David Pybus: Transport of Delight & Led by the Nose
Leas Club Price: £5 Concession: £4 buy tickets for this event

Locally-based author of three best sellers in the field of perfumery, David Pybus will present a pot-pourri of short readings from his serious anthology of poetry - Transport of Delight - and its comedic twin and most recent book Led by the Nose. Dragonsí Den winner 2007, Pybus will also preview his forthcoming book about his experience of the programme.

Antony Beevor: The Battle for Spain
Folkestone Academy Price: £9 Concession: £8 buy tickets for this event

Multi-prize winner, Antony Beevor presents his latest book The Battle for Spain, a completely new edition of his 1982 book on the Spanish Civil War. Antony Beevor is a visiting professor at the School of History, Classics and Archaeology at Birkbeck College, University of London.

This event is sponsored by Godden Allen Lawn

Philip Dodd: The Reverend Guppyís Aquarium
Leas Club Price: £6 Concession: £5 buy tickets for this event

After a career in mainstream publishing, Philip Dodd presents his latest book The Reverend Guppyís Aquarium, a book about the lives of people whose names live on as objects, foodstuffsÖ or fish.

Roy Hattersley with Jonathan Witchell from BBC Radio Kent: Borrowed Time
Folkestone Academy Price: £9 Concession: £8 buy tickets for this event

In Borrowed Time, Lord Hattersley talks about the time between the wars. A time of drama and turmoil, economic disaster, political upheaval, rebellion in Ireland and the revolt in India. But there were moments of triumph too, victory in the Ashes and Olympic glory; the birth of the BBC; a renaissance in poetry and sculpture and speed records on land.

Terry Jones: Was Richard II a Tyrant?
Folkestone Academy Price: £12 Concession: £11 buy tickets for this event

Best known as a member of the Monty Python comedy team and medieval historian, Terry Jones explodes a few myths about Richard II and questions whether he really was weak, wicked and wild as he has been portrayed throughout history.

Cabaret Night:
Leas Club Price: £6 Concession: £5 buy tickets for this event


Club Shepway presents a night of cabaret inspired by the 1951 film, Lady Godiva Rides Again.

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