Friday November 9


Max Eastley and David Buckland: Burning Ice
The Metropole Galleries

Exhibition: 10am-4pm - Free Event

Sound sculptor Max Eastley and photographer David Buckland transform the Metropole Galleries with their artworks developed in response to their visit to the Arctic.

Black Gold: introduced by Jo Nolan
Folkestone Academy Price: £5 Concession: £4 buy tickets for this event

Film (78mins)

Multinational coffee companies now rule our shopping centres and supermarkets and dominate an industry worth over $80 billion, making coffee the second most valuable trading commodity in the world after oil. But while we continue to pay for our lattes and cappuccinos, the price paid to coffee farmers remains so low that many have been forced to abandon their coffee fields. Multi award winning movie, Black Gold follows Tadesse Meskela, manager of the Oromia Coffee Farmers Co-operative Union in Ethiopia.

This event is sponsored by Screen South.

Eugenie Harvey: Change the World 9 to 5 & Change the World for a Fiver
Folkestone Academy Price: £5 Concession: £4 buy tickets for this event

Changing the world? Yes, but how? Eugenie Harvey is co-founder of We Are What We Do, a movement aiming to inspire people to use simple everyday actions to change the world. Their bestselling book Change the World for a Fiver and the sequel Change the World 9 to 5 present 50 little things that can be done to improve our daily lives and, collectively, change the world. The two books have now sold more than 1 million copies worldwide.

Paul Rennie introduced by Fred Gray: Design: Festival of Britain 1951
Folkestone Academy Price: £5 Concession: £4 buy tickets for this event

The Festival of Britain was well planned, opened on time and was an astonishing success, the site on the South Bank in London being visited by over 8 million people. It was a time of hope and a time of renewal in Britain. Paul Rennie, Head of Context at Central St Martin�s and Creative Quarter resident, looks at all aspects of design connected with the festival from the architecture of the Festival Hall to the souvenir mugs and publications.

Fred Gray: Designing the Seaside: Architecture, Society and Nature
Folkestone Academy Price: £5 Concession: £4 buy tickets for this event

Honorary historian, academic and a Director of the Brighton West Pier Trust, Fred Gray will present his most recent book Designing the Seaside: Architecture, Society and Nature, a cultural geography and history of seaside architecture.

Charles Watters: Refugee Children: Towards the Next Horizon
Folkestone Academy Price: £5 Concession: £4 buy tickets for this event

The last twenty years have seen unprecedented numbers of refugee children entering Western countries. Many of these children will have experienced the atrocities of war and issues concerning their care and treatment are high on the agenda of research bodies, policy makers and service providers. Leading writer and researcher on immigration and refugees, Charles Watters describes the challenges these young people face.

Rick Leary: Digital animation: Stardust
Folkestone Academy Price: £5 Concession: £4 buy tickets for this event

Head of 3D at Double Negative, Rick Leary will discuss his work as one of the CG Supervisors on films including Stardust and Bridget Jones and talk about working with famous directors and writers.

This event is sponsored by Shepway District Council and Caf� IT

Anthony Slinn: Art Masterpieces of the Twentieth Century
The Grand Price: £6 Concession: £6 buy tickets for this event

This year, celebrated art lecturer, Anthony Slinn returns to the Folkestone Literary Festival to give an illustrated presentation on the art masterpieces of the 20th Century.

In association with Folkestone Arts Society

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