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2007 Poetry Competition Results

Molly Sales (age 11) - 5–11 winner
Chani Sanger (age 14) - 12–17 winner
Angela Johnson - Adult winner

Molly Sales, aged 11, from Dover Girls Grammar School was the winner of the 5 – 11 category with her poem “Giraffe”:

by Molly Sales, aged 11

On the grassy golden plains of Africa stands the giraffe
It’s slender neck reaching, stretching, stretching so high
Into the giant sunset sky
It’s black hooves stamp, stamp, stamp as it rushes towards me
It’s tail twitches and flicks, flicks, flicks
It starts to do bucks and kicks
Then it runs as fast as it’s hooves pounding, pounding, pounding
On the grassy golden plains of Africa

In the beautiful African village I see an old man,
He’s carving a perfect giraffe out of nothing but wood
His hands must be made of magic as he chips, chips away
He’s captured that giraffe in a piece of wood
His hands must be made of magic as he taps, taps away

Later on in a busy market full of tom toms and furs and fruit and clothes
And wooden animals , I see a still and motionless creature
That’s caught my eye
It’s the giraffe! It’s my giraffe!
I pay hardly a penny for it!

And just about a week ago in my attic I found the giraffe
All covered in cobwebs and layers of dust
I wish I could see the giraffe again
And I do know where he is
I just don’t want to see him there
I bet he’s not happy in that cooped up place
Barbed wire, wooden walls and not one familiar face

Travelling wobbly roads, burning seas
That giraffe, my giraffe, has joined the travelling circus.
It pains me to think how unhappy he is
He’s my giraffe.
I wish I could rescue him but I can’t, I’m just a child.

© Molly Sales (11yrs) 2007

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The 12-17 section was won by Chani Sanger, aged 14, from Folkestone:

By Chani Sanger

Once upon a time in a faraway land
We laughed on the beach and kicked up the sand.
We collected the shells that lay by the sea
And watched all the leaves fall from the trees.

We watched for winter – for all of the snow
We didn’t get any but we don’t care though.
We waited for summer – the end of July
Yeah! School’s out, I’m with my friends all of the time

At the start of Autumn, I went far away
To a city called Shengyang and I thought wahey!
But when I got there, they didn’t have the sea,
They didn’t have the beach and I missed my family.

That’s when I realised – we’ve got sun, sand and sea!
So I’m here at dawn through to dusk ‘cos Folkestone’s
The only place for me.

By Chani Sanger

I went to Belgium – Ypres to be precise

Saw stuff from World War I, it wasn’t very nice

I thought of all the women to their lovers they had waved

And I thought of all the men who died for our country to be saved

Blood like rain fell from the clouds

I thought of them then me

Should we risk people’s lives

To form a harmony

As much as I wish I could see fighting gone for sure

It’s hard to abolish hate and even harder to stop war

© Chani Sanger (14yrs) 2007

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The Adult (Outside Kent) section was won by Angela Johnson of Meopham in Kent:

Saga Girls
By Angela Johnson

They meet for dinner about twice a week,
Two lonely women with money to spare.
Tuesday Italian, on Thursday a Greek,
Frowning at mirrors and touching their hair.
Teeth fixed by experts, hair cleverly tinted,
Subtle cosmetics, clothes almost in fashion.
Planning their cruises, a trip to the Med,
Adventures for seniors, laughter and action.
Yet back in their houses, those immaculate shells,
No girlish laughing, faces imploded.
Tears on Sundays, the sorrow of bells,
Toast on the table, the cat to be fed,
Grubby dressing gowns, the need to be brave,
Smiling at neighbours, a tentative wave.

© Angela Johnson 2007

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